Welcome to Grapebreeders
the web site of the Grape Breeders discussion forum

The Grape Breeders discussion list was started on ibiblio.com in 2002, as a means for anyone interested in the breeding of grape varieties to contact each other and exchange ideas. Members range from novices who want to learn  how to breed grapes, to experienced private breeders as well as university and other professional breeders. As the list grew, the members began to contribute an amazing collection of resources, including breeding records from private and university breeding programs, historical documents related to grapes and grape breeding, their own personal breeding experiences, and more. With so much material, it was apparent the group needed a website not just to store the material, but to make it readily available as a resource. After a couple of false starts, this website was started in December of 2005 and it is hoped it can be a repository of knowledge for anyone with an interest in breeding wine, table, and juice grapes and creating new varieties to extend the range and adaptability of grape growing.

The Grape Breeders discussion list itself, while accessible only to members, is open to anyone with a genuine interest in breeding new grapes. To join the discussion list, go to http://lists.ibiblio.org/mailman/listinfo/grapebreeders and follow the instructions for signing up. You will have several options for receiving mail. The default setting is to get letters from members as they are sent. You can also set your subscription to “digest” to get letters in large batches, or “no mail” and receive none, but be able to go to the website and read and reply to mail there. There is no cost for joining, and lots of benefits in sharing with an excellent group of grape breeders.

Søren Larsen, Grapebreeders Website author
Lon J. Rombough, Grapebreeders mailing list founder