ES 9-7-48

Developed by Elmer Swenson in mid-late 80 and never released with a name. ES 9-7 48 ripens very early. Some even call this variety extreme early. Gets blue berries in the first week of August here in Denmark. The matured grapes got high sugar very early, 87 Oe mid september here.

Acid seems very moderate. The berries can hang very long time after maturity without Botrytis. Only problem is Wasp attack, cause the berries get soft very early in summer.

ES 9-7-48 got a medium growth, and is very easy to work with. Some reports problems with flowering when cold and rainy. Very winter hardy.

ES 9-7-48 makes a excellent rosé wine. The berries got a good taste, and change later to a lot of different fruit aromas. (not for red wine ..)

Here is my friend Arild’s comment about ES 9-7-48:

  • Origin: USA, Minnesota, Elmer Swenson
  • Hardiness: down to -25/-35 C
  • Ripening: extremely early
  • Berries: blue, small
  • Clusters: medium
  • Flavour: sweet-grassy,
  • Productivity: medium
  • Growth: medium/vigorous
  • Characteristics: for rose wine in areas with very cool summers and cold winters

Photo Søren

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  1. David Johnson says:

    I also grow the ES 9-7-48 in my garden which is near Tacoma WA. It ripens very early and has decent flavor, but seems to be suffering from boron deficiency this season.

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